President Viktor Yushchenko hopes GUAM willrecognize Ukraine’s Soviet-era famine as genocide at its next summit, the President’s press office informs.

Yushchenko told reporters in Baku on Tuesday he had discussed the issue with his colleagues during the second summit because the United Nations and European institutions were going to adopt Holodomor resolutions. “We definitely want GUAM to speak out and articulate its political position on the issue,” he said. “This issue will be on the agenda of our next meeting and will, no doubt, be resolved.”

The president said participants of the second summit had agreed to set up a special group of foreign ministers to slightly – “technically” – revise Ukraine’s Holodomor resolution. Yushchenko said Ukraine was in talks with other GUAM members aimed at recognizing the Great Famine of 1932-1933 as genocide. “They all say that this decision should be made at political level to demonstrate solidarity with Ukraine’s position.”

“Our side is working on the text and we are trying to find arguments to tackle certain nuances. But we, of course, need to hold more talks so that other sides, particularly Moldova, should accept the text we propose to demonstrate respect for our citizens and nations that suffered from the Great Famine in Ukraine,” he said.


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