“People’s self-defense” will participate in election separately in case the technical principles of formation of mega bloc with “Our Ukraine” and “Ukrainian Pravytsa” are not agreed up to July 1. Yury Lutsenko, the leader of the “People’s self-defense” told yesterday in Dnipropetrovsk.

According to him, the negotiations of mega bloc formation were suspended, while discussing possible candidatures on the VRU speaker, PM and key Ministers positions after early parliamentary elections. In particular Lutsenko noted that People’s self-defense claims to economic reforms and “power” bloc in the next Government.

“I was offered to discuss it with BYuT – potential allies in the new parliament. These questions are discussed and agreed with BYuT now,” Lutsenko said.

According to Lutsenko, the people should know that together with political force they elect concrete VRU and Government heads.

Lutsenko considers that election campaign of the mega bloc, in case of its formation, must not focus attention on “humanitarian” issues –NATO, status of the Russian language and UPA soldiers. “I think today these issues split Ukraine. We must concentrate on social and economic reforms,” Lutsenko stressed.

According to him, he is ready to be a head of the democratic forces mega bloc and be responsible for tactic of the election campaign and its results.

At the same time, Lutsenko noted that place in the election list is not principle for “People’ self-defense”. “It is important that my propositions concerning program grounds of the bloc and first actions after elections to be accepted,” he said.


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