The President’s Secretariat didn’t submit for consideration any law passed by the VRU of the 5th convocation after June 2, Head of the Secretariat Viktor Baloga claimed.

According to him, all the documents of the legislative content are returned to the parliament automatically, the Secretariat doesn’t consider them. “The judicial analyses of these laws, especially signature by the President, are out of question,” Baloga emphasized on Tuesday.

He reminded that on June 2 the leaders of “Our Ukraine” and BYuT claimed People’s deputies’ resignation, elected from these political blocs. As a result, according to the Constitution, the VRU has become illegitimate. “The parliament of 5th convocation, dismissed by the President, can not work as the legislative organ. That’s why adopted laws after June 2 are only the free creation of some People’s deputies. The Head of the State doesn’t have the legislative background to sign these documents and the Secretariat has no right to submit them for consideration. The first law, which the President’s Secretariat will work at, will be received from the VRU of 6th convocation,” Baloga noted.

At the same time, Baloga added that the election campaign in fact has been started in the country in which the coalition forces, as well as the socialists, are engaged.


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