The traditional Days of the Ukrainian Culture underway in the Polish town of Gyzhycko and are dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the "Wisla" operation, forcing out thousands ethnic Ukrainians from Poland, the Cabinet press office reports.

The event sees participation of Ukrainian ensemble from Kolomyya, Dubno, the German ensemble and the folk-group "Berkut".

Within the framework of the Days of the Ukrainian Culture, the photo exhibition "From Native House" was held.

Presidents Viktor Yushchenko of Ukraine and Lech Kaczyski of Poland signed documents on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the "Wisla" operation on April 27 to develop cooperation and insure reconciliation between the Ukrainian and Polish nations. The "Wisla" operation, held by the Polish Armed Forces, ordered by the Communist regime, has resulted into deportation of 150,000 Ukrainians from Poland.


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