Today, June 18 Prime Minister of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych visits Luxemburg in which the Eleventh Session of Ukraine-EU Cooperation Council takes place, Cabinet press office reported.

As head of the Prime Minister’s Apparatus Serhiy Lyovochkin noted the visit schedules for the Prime Minister’s meeting with EU High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy Javier Solana and Prime Minister of Luxemburg Jean-Claude Juncker.

The main subjects of the Eleventh Session of Ukraine-EU Cooperation Council will be trade-economic cooperation, energy cooperation, nuclear safety, transport and ecology, interaction in policy and security. The sides will exchange opinions on negotiating process between Ukraine and the EU concerning conclusion of the New Enhanced Agreement as well as topical issues on international relations of common interest.

The crucial result of the Council session, according to head of the Prime Minister’s Apparatus Serhiy Lyovochkin, will be signing of the agreements on simplification of visa regime and readmission. The agreement on simplification of visa regime envisages significant preferences for our citizens. In particular, 5-year nonexpendable visas can obtain near relations of the Ukrainian citizens, who have residence permission in the EU member-states, businessmen, journalists, officials of the central and local authorities, permanent representatives of the official delegations. Besides, annual nonexpendable visas will be granted scientific and cultural workers, sportsmen, professional carriers, train crewmen, participants of the exchange programs between twin cities, the head of the Prime Minister’s Apparatus told.

As Serhiy Lyovochkin noted, the Agreement clearly defines categories of citizens who can obtain free visas. It comprises pensioners, children under the age of 18, pupils, students, sportsmen, professional carriers, those citizens who are to visit their relatives abroad. For other categories of the citizens of Ukraine the consular fees amount to 35 Euro. According to him, the term for consideration of visa applications has been reduced up to 10 calendar days in ordinary cases and 2 days quickly.

The Agreement comes with Declaration determining obligation of the consul to report the reasons of denied visas, in other words, an appeal institute for denied visas will be finally established. As a whole, the Agreement is to provide more transparent process of obtaining Schengen visas by our citizens, Serhiy Lyovochkin stressed.

“Yanukovych Cabinet turned from slogans on Ukraine’s accedence to the European Union to solving concrete issues which concern both our ordinary citizens and commodity producers,” Serhiy Lyovochkin said.

According to him, Steel Agreement which is to be also signed in Luxemburg will give an opportunity to increase export of this domestic output to the EU market.

Summing up the outcomes of the session it is intended to approve the renewed Ukraine-EU Action Plan in the sphere of justice, freedom and security.


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