“Our Ukraine” will insist to cancel the People’s deputies’ immunity in the VRU of the 6th convocation. “Our Ukraine” leader Vyacheslav Kyrylenko informed that at a press conference in Lutsk.

According to Kyrylenko, the authority should refuse from privileges as much as it is possible. “Resigning from the People’s deputies’ positions, the OU members have refused from the People’s deputy immunity and other People’s deputies’ privileges for the first time in Ukraine”.

The OU leader is assured it will be possible to achieve only by the presence of democrats’ majority in the parliament, “UNIAN” reports.

He told once more that “Our Ukraine” will take part only in the coalition of the democratic forces. “To form a coalition with the Party of Regions or any other party, joining the present governing coalition, is out of question,” the OU leader claimed.


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