Is political crises resolved in Ukraine or just hidden according to “iceberg principle”? People just see what politicians want them to see but conflict still exists…The fact that politicians agreed to hold elections on September does not mean conflict resolution. The war of powerful oligarchs on the one hand and opposition, that seems to strive for better life for Ukraine, on the other hand keeps going on. The election date is only one thing we overcame and is continuation of war between current coalition and opposition, as none of them will give up and are likely to blame each other for elections falsification or something else not to lose this “elections-game”.

Political leaders found compromise in elections date: not too early as the opposition whished, and not so late for the coalition and Government to have time for “fairy tails” and promises. “Orange team” is given the second chance not to repeat mistake of 2006 while sharing Ministers chairs and forming the coalition. Coalition hopes to get no fewer seats, having given “charity” to people. Early elections are also good chance to get to the parliament for those political parties and blocs who lost previous elections. It is too difficult and almost impossible for new political parties of new generation, who wise and strong enough to make changes for the better, to get the parliament through current political parties, through their thick wallets in particular. The big stake and hope are put for “People’s self-defense”. People hope to see parliament that will work but not just adopt laws for benefit of people’s deputies’ immunity, pensions and their business. Majority of Ukrainians is disappointed and lost belief in most politicians. It is not excluded new parliament will be much similar as it is now but with more responsibilities not to repeat their mistakes again, the question is what coalition will be formed…the situation intensified and stakes are too high.

Election campaign has started; politicians attempt to persuade the people in their best chances and possibilities in order to get more seats in the new parliament. “Nothing is done for nothing”: generous Government raises salaries and pensions but in few months Ukraine will see price hike. All politicians are good by beautiful words and promises only before elections. This time election campaign is predicted to be twice expensive compared to previous one. So politicians are not only generous for promises…

Ukrainians must do the right and reasonable choice and not be bought by beautiful words and sops that may contribute only to bad consequences. So, let’s hope that coalition got good lesson of today’s situation and people exposed intentions of oligarchs’ clan and saw “who is who”. There is no doubt Ukraine needs changes, and early elections are a good opportunity to do right choice…not to occur in the same situation of political betrayal, lie and corruption.

Karetina Burlak


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