Ukraine refused to send peacemakers’ subdivisions to Lebanon. The Head of the General headquarter – commander in chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Sergiy Kyrychenko told that in an interview with the Ukrainian information agencies.

“We had the propositions concerning Lebanon. But we couldn’t take such propositions. It dealt with the helicopter subdivision. We discussed seriously the possibility of the helicopter subdivision participation, but we made the conclusion that this is very dangerous for those participants. And we considered this proposition reservedly,” Kyrychenko told.

At the same time, he told that some propositions on other subdivisions participation, especially an engineering one, were submitted for consideration to the UNO Secretariat. “We also proposed our small medical subdivision and medical specialists,” Kyrychenko informed.

“These questions are being worked out. We are ready to carry out there the actions which correspond to our national interests, as well as the protection of participating people” he told.


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