Ukraine’s economy is booming despite continuing political turmoil, with its currency reserves growing to USD 25 bln and the stock of local companies doubling in price, Oleksandr Shlapak, President Viktor Yushchenko’s first deputy chief of Secretariat, told reporters on Thursday, President's press office informed.

Thus the country’s GDP growth, originally projected to be 6.5% this year, may be faster than expected, he added. “The economy of the state remains robust.”

Shlapak described sugar and meat price hikes as temporary and influenced by seasonal factors and added there was no need to dramatize the situation in the bread market. “Ukraine will be living until its new crops without problems,” he said.

Shlapak said Yushchenko was, however, worried about growing petrol prices. He urged the Cabinet  to hold active talks with owners of oil refineries.


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