Prime Minister of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych statet that Chairman of the Central Electoral Commission Volodymyr Shapoval breaks the oath and blocks the constitutional process by not holding the Central Electoral Commission sessions. The CEC should work under conditions making interference of power representatives impossible, the PM told in an interview in Poltava region, Cabinet press office reported

Viktor Yanukovcyh said that we must discuss the current situation in the CEC together and “put an end to issue on pressure upon the CEC because if we continue we are to lose this constitutional institution – and then early elections will be out of the question”.

According to the Prime Minister, if the opposition wants  early election then it is necessary to create work conditions for the CEC.

The Head of Government has also stated that President Viktor Yushchenko should cancel his Decree on appointment of the permanent representative of the President in the Central Electoral Commission. “The law envisages no representation and it is necessary to cancel decree on appointment of the representative in the CEC,” the PM stressed.

Viktor Yanukovych observed that President’s appointment of the representative in the Central Electoral Commission is “pressure upon the CEC”.


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