The PR faction leader Raisa Bogatyryova considers in case of early parliamentary elections, the parliament will have the same coalition and Yanukovych will the PM again.

We are condemned to déjà vu. Only current participants have chances to return to the parliament, she said today in an interview.

“We have all chances to restore the current coalition but now more significant,” she said. Answering the question whether it is possible to form coalition between PR and OU, she answered: “Many experts do not exclude intensive coalition.”

“Such coalition would be favorable for the President before presidential elections in 2009,” she noted.

Commenting on people’s deputies resignation, Bogatyryova noted: “It is necessary to agree in the near time, otherwise elections on September 30 may be held in accordance with forceful scenario.”

Moreover, she noted that CCU is a hostage of the politicians… “it must make verdict concerning President’s decree. Though it will change nothing, but chances of negative CCU decision are too high,” she said.


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