Speaker of the VRU Olexander Moroz brought an action against the People’s deputies Olexander Turchynov and Roman Bessmerty resignation.

Olexander Moroz went to the court because more than 20 days had passed as these People’s deputies have been combining the positions in the executive structures with the People’s deputies positions, “UNIAN” reports.

As a reminder, Roman Bessmerty, appointed as the deputy of the President’s Secretariat Head, had written an application on People’s deputy resignation on April 18.

According to Turchynov, taking the position of the first deputy of the NSDC, he wrote the application on People’s deputy resignation at the beginning of May.

At the same time, the first deputy speaker of the VRU Adam Martynyuk noted on June 7 that the applications on the resignation of Turchynov and Bessmerty were not registered in the parliament.


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