Today’s night unknown persons entered the office of Vyacheslav Kyrylenko the “Our Ukraine” leader by force. “Our Ukraine” leader’s deputy Zinoviy Shkutyak stated that on Wednesday, “Our Ukraine” press service informs.

“Today’s night unknown persons broken the lock and entered the office of “Our Ukraine” leader Vyacheslav Kyrylenko, where there were his personal things and the “Our Ukraine” faction documentations,” Shkutyak told.

He didn’t exclude that the initiator of that search could be the VRU speaker. He emphasized that the VRU officials behaved unequally.

The VRU press office rejected information of “Our Ukraine” about entering the office of “Our Ukraine” leader Vyacheslav Kyrylenko.

“We inform this statement absolutely doesn’t correspond to reality. After having resigned, Kyrylenko removed from his offices of the faction’s head and the committee’s member, and took all his personal things,” it is said in the report.


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