Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Oleksandr Kuzmuk believes that the political crisis is not solved yet and the country is on the verge of civil confrontation, "Cabinet press office" reported.

“Ukraine has not overcome the crisis yet and is on the verge,” Oleksandr Kuzmuk told the Interfax - Ukraina press-conference on June 12.

He stressed that he doesn’t overestimate acuteness of the internal political situation and judges from his experience. “I have abundant experience and worked in the six Cabinets and have always been in the core of the critical situations”.

Oleksandr Kuzmuk stated that President Viktor Yushchenko by his Decree on resubordination of the internal forces had put them to the verge of violating law.

“These three decrees put the internal forces in a very dangerous situation. The difficult situation for the internal forces means law violation,” the Vice Prime Minister explained.

Oleksandr Kuzmuk emphasized that according to the decrees the internal forces are not law-enforcement bodies.

The Presidential Decree says that the internal forces are military units and I, as a person who knows Ukrainian laws, can’t perceive it as a military unit, in accordance with the Ukrainian legislation, means to repulse the aggression,” he noted.

At that Oleksandr Kuzmuk said that on Friday he would meet with Internal Forces Commander Oleksandr Kikhtenko and leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to discuss the situation in the country on the internal forces, in particular.

Besides, the Vice Prime Minister stated that only the presence of Minister for Internal Affairs Vasyl Tsushko during the events in the Office of Public Prosecutor General on 24 May had prevented bloodshed.

“If Tsushko was not there, I don’t rule there could be blood with “Berkut”. The presence of the Minister had prevented it,” Kuzmuk said.

The Vice Prime Minister has also told the press conference that Ukraine’s position on deployment of anti-missile defense in Czechia and Poland should be formulated in the nearest future at the NSDC sitting.

“As regards Ukraine’s position on anti-missile defense, the time for expert discussion is over and we expect that a single position with consideration of national interests will be drafted very soon,” Oleksandr Kuzmuk.


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