The Cabinet of Ministers adopted a conception of the National Program on Forming Positive Image of Ukraine 2007-2010. The main goals in forming positive image of the country are defined in the Conception of Protection of National Interests and Support for Successful Competition on International Market of Sale and Investments, the Cabinet’s press office reports.

Within the Program it is expected to take some measures designed for increasing of the international authority of Ukraine in the fields of politics, economics and culture, including the following: ensuring operation of information-and-cultural centers; ensuring satellite broadcasting within the informational space of other countries in Ukrainian and foreign languages etc. The paper also stresses on the necessity to direct the information activity onto various target audiences - businessmen, politicians, youth in Ukraine and in other countries.

The Program was first adopted in 2003 and meant for 3 years. Besides, it intended to holding activities referred to creation of positive business and investment image of Ukraine, as well as improvement of Ukraine's reputation in banking, money-and-credit areas, energy policy, including measures towards intensification of cooperation with global and regional international organizations.


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