The early parliamentary elections are an adventure, but transparency, freedom and publicity may be guarantor of their success. The VRU speaker Olexander Moroz told in an interview to Radio Svoboda, the ForUm's correspondnet informs.

He insists to bring back events to the legal field. He noted that guarantor of the coming elections should be the Constitution. “But now it is not so,” he said. He also declared that falsification of elections is being prepared through judicial system.

Answering journalists question, whether statements are justice that Moroz retards election process, he noted: “I donot retard elections.” He noted that he signed joint agreement with the President and PM only with the purpose to stop escalation of tension that could contribute to “bloodshed”.

Moroz noted that under conditions of agreement the President’s decree should be, in case there are no 300 people’s deputies in the VRU. It is necessary to fulfill this condition legally. The agreement also says that nobody has right to interfere into the activity of the courts, law-enforcement bodies and other power institutions. “But today we block CCU, CEC… Then there is a question: do we fulfill conditions of the agreement or only speak about date of elections – September 30, having forgotten that agreement consists not only of elections date?” Moroz asked.

He also declared until there are at least 151 resignation applications, early elections will not take place. “I am also interested in that fact when the CEC will not be able to submit any candidatures from election lists to replace People’s deputies who resigned. Only then we can speak about reason of the President’s decree. Now there is no reason for the President’s decree and it is non constitutional,” he said. According to him, the President issues and then cancels his decrees. He noted the President has no right to suspend or restrict work of the parliament.

He noted that the People’s deputies from opposition signed resignation application under pressure and do not want to go on early elections. The elections process did not foresee zeroing of election lists.

According to him, socialists consider variant of participation in election campaign only independently. “In general the future parliament composition will not be changed much. The re will be more “OU” members and less BYuT members,” he forecast.

He noted that the parliament works in accordance with the Constitution.

“Ukraine is occurred to be in the situation of artificially created political conflict when all institutions of power are discredited,” he said.

Moroz considers the President is responsible for conflict resolution. According to him, there is corruption in the parliament, Government, judicial system and other power institutions. “But we see more corruption in the President’s Secretariat and in President’s people,” Moroz noted.

According to Moroz, the key to overcome corruption is gradual reformation of power, beginning with local authorities.


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