President Viktor Yushchenko insisted the Government must change its relations with business to meet the needs of the country’s agricultural sector. “The government should look anew at how it supports the Ukrainian village,” he said at this year’s AGRO exhibition-fair, adding that Ukraine had enough resources and capabilities to reemerge as Europe’s breadbasket, according to President's press office.

Yushchenko said reforms in the agricultural sector gave him hopes it would soon revive.“The local agricultural sector is becoming more and more attractive every year, it has great export potential…,” he said. “It is very important for the Government to heed recommendations by our farmers and investors. The sector is still vulnerable. Last month’s drought showed that the country was not quite ready to cope with natural disasters.”

The President urged the Cabinet of ministers to lift the moratorium on the sale of farmland by 2008 and introduce reforms in the sector. “It is impossible to ensure the development of the sector using traditional approaches.”


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