On Tuesday, June 12 the emergency conference of the participating countries on the Treaty on the common Armed Forces in Europe will take place in Vienna. Andriy Deshchytsa, the head of the Foreign Ministry press office reported that at briefing on Tuesday, ForUm’s correspondent reports.

“This conference is organized at the suggestion of Russian federation,” he told.

As Deshchytsa told, the delegation from Ukraine, headed by the constant representative of Ukraine in Vienna Volodymyr Elchenko, will take part. “Also, the representatives of the President’s Secretariat, the NSDC, the Ministry of Defense and the Foreign Affairs Ministry are part of the delegation composition,” he noted.

According to Deshchytsa, the Ukrainian side is ready to discuss questions on the Treaty, which the Russian side would like to consider among the participating countries of the Treaty on the common Armed Forces in Europe. “It means the possibility to introduce the moratorium by the Russian side on the given Treaty fulfillment, to suspend Treaty’s force or refuse from the Treaty at all,” Deshchytsa emphasized.


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