Ex US ambassador to Ukraine Steven Pifer noted that the EU countries and the USA consider that both sides of the political crisis in Ukraine are guilty. He told on Monday at the International forum “Euro Atlantic future of Ukraine”.

In particular, he noted that political crisis in Ukraine is perceived by the foreign world as two sides of the conflict are responsible for it. According to him, actions of Party of Regions are considered in the West as actions having doubtful constitutionality: dismissal of Borys Tarasyuk from Foreign Minister position, attraction of People’s deputies from other factions.

“Crisis was provoked by efforts of the parliamentary majority that tried to extend its authorities by means of the President,” he noted.

At the same time he noted that there is still open question on compatibility of the President’s decrees with the Constitution of Ukraine and legislation. According to him, the Constitutional Court is the only institution that should solve confrontations between the President and the majority. But as trust of the Ukrainian people to the CCU is low, there are also doubts concerning its work.

He also noted that the West estimates level of not to democracy in Ukraine lower as it was a year before. He considers politicians must adhere to the mutual compromise in order not to intensify the situation.

Steven Pifer proposed five ways to resolve the given situation: to fulfill the compromise and hold transparent and fair elections; to make amendments to the Constitution and to determine authorities between branches of power, as elections may not help without it; political parties should consider depoliticization of the CCU, PGO, SBU and Interior Ministry and to considers in general question on reformation of security sector; while preparing to elections, Ukrainian Government should keep supporting interests of Ukraine; main politicians should understand that the must cooperate after elections. He opined that resolution of political crisis will help Ukraine to resume its reputation of democratic country and to continue developing process.


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