The US Ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor believes that political crisis in Ukraine is solved and it is done in a legitimate way. He told today in an interview to the Den' newspaper. He considers the agreement reached by the leaders of the country is peaceful, democratic and constitutional.

William Taylor also noted fulfillment of this agreement is of not less importance.

At the same he avoided a direct answer whether he considers the VRU legitimate after the last decree of President Viktor Yushchenko on early parliamentary elections.

“What is really legitimate is the agreement reached by the President, the PM and the VRU speaker… From our point of view, this agreement is legitimate,” he noted.

According to the Ambassador, the situation in Ukraine was really hard and it was a threat of forceful resolution of this crisis, but Ukraine managed to solve everything in a peaceful way, having learned some lessons that help Ukraine to be more democratic.

He noted that the USA observed the situation in Ukraine very attentively but has no right to interfere and advise something especially in the legislative field. William Taylor expressed the hope that the US President George Bush will visit Ukraine this year.


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