The VRU speaker Olexander Moroz held a meeting with the ex US-ambassador to Ukraine Steven Pifer. Moroz described the current situation and ways of its resolution in Ukraine.

Olexander Moroz noted that the question on early parliamentary elections on September 30 is not solved yet.

“There are many doubtful agreements made at the congresses of the opposition blocs,” he said.

He also noted that compromise reached between the leaders of the State, did not contribute to the elections on September 30.

According to Moroz, elections are possible but only on the legal basis, when the parliament has less than 300 People’s deputies.

He also noted that the President does not follow point 7 of the agreement –“not to interfere into the judicial and law-enforcement bodies.”

“The President interferes into the judicial activity, Security service, General Procecotors Office. The President interferes into the parliament work, having issued a number of decrees on VRU dissolution…All the President’s Institution does - is out of the legislation,” he said.

In turn, Pifer noted that democratic image of Ukraine became worse. But he appreciated that during political crisis resolution the force was not used.


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