“Every elections and every power replacement in Ukraine contribute to some new strategy and development of the country. In fact today the election campaign is being held already and the politicians are concerned about percentage at elections and new position in the Government and parliament. In case the political parties do not change their policy and logic, this election campaign will be a campaign of confrontation and conflict of the political forces, the BYuT leader Mykola Tomenko said.
According to him, the objective for today is to determine way that Ukraine will follow after elections. “Unfortunately now the legislation activity and main state programs of the next parliament and Government is out of discussion of the politicians. It is very strange that it is so modern now to determine strategic projects for our country without people’s participation, i.e. the society. For example in times of Yekhanurov, foreign consultants worked out development strategy for Ukraine for funds of Ukrainian oligarchs, and recently one of the leaders of the PR has informed that now the foreign partners work out for Ukraine “Plan of Marchal”, Tomenko said.
Mykola Tomenko noted that strategic plan of the activity of Ukraine must be determined first of all by the Ukrainian experts and agreed by the Ukrainian people. “Such program will be held by out team. This program foresees special forums and discussion on programs and mechanisms of the power for next five years. Voting at elections will be for us a peculiar factor of legitimization of such action plan, “Tomenko said

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