The statement of the Russian President Vladimir Putin about the tyranny in Ukraine will not influence the Ukraine-Russian relations. PM of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych told that in interview on television channel “Inter” on Sunday.

“The relations between Ukraine and Russia will be always normal, no mater somebody wants that or not,” Yanukovych told.

Besides, the PM told that the question on the tyranny in Ukraine worries not only Ukrainians but also the neighbors – Russian and the European Union. “There are different points of views. I would say in such way – today, first of all I’ve looked at us – in what satiation are we? It is not by accident we put a question to return all the problem conflicts, occurred during the political crisis, to the legal field. It is not accidentally,” – he added.

Yanukovych emphasized that political crises was provoked not by the coalition, “Party of regions” or Yanukovych. “This is a strong desire to hold the early parliamentary elections. This is the desire of the opposition, BYuT and, first of all, Yulia Tymoshenko, whom the President of Ukraine supported very energetically. They chose a very hard way, as there were no natural reasons for the early election,” the PM noted.


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