The fortune of the VRU depends on decision of the Central Election Commission concerning zeroing of election lists. The VRU speaker Olexander Moroz told on Friday in an interview to “1+1” channel.

“All depends on whether the People’s deputies who resigned are replaced by those who are in the election lists,” he said.

“We will declare all resignation applications in case the CEC declares that nobody can replace these People’s deputies,” he noted.

Moreover, Moroz noted that the law foresees 20 days within composition of the parliament of 300 People’s deputies can be renewed. If it is not happened the parliament does not operate in session regime and the People’s deputies fulfill their duties up to newly elected People’s deputies take oath.

According to him, in case the parliament has less than 300 People’s deputies and the CEC does not confirm so-called zeroing of lists, then the parliament keeps to be legitimate as it is today.


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