President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko has called democratic forces to consolidation, “irrespective of Party-membership card”. The President has told journalists at press conference in Khmelnitsky region.

“I do not consider the policy to be divided to the left and to the right. We must reach the international interests determination. We speak about the future, not the present,” Yushchenko told.

The President supported the single democratic bloc formation, which will take part in the parliament’s election in September 2007. According to him, a bloc may be formed by “Our Ukraine”, “People’s self-defense”, “People’s Ukrainian Party” and some others. “Yesterday that process started and now it has passed into a political level – the determination of “five”, strategies and tactics of the CEC,” he told.

Yushchenko addressed to the leaders of “BYuT”, “Our Ukraine”, “People’s self-defense” and other democratic parties to unit: “We are Ukrainians, we must be united”. Under such conditions they will take more percentages than during the previous elections.

“About these percentages we will speak in October, now we must work for these percentages”, the Head of the State emphasized.


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