During the plenary session speaker Olexander Moroz read out 28 applications of the People’s deputies from “Our Ukraine”, among which there were the applications of Vyacheslav Kyrylenko, Yuriy Yekhanurov, Lilia Grygorovych, Refata Chubarova, Ruslana Knyazevych, Olga Gerasymyuk , Kseniya Lyapina , Oksana Bilozir and other famous parliamentarians.

According to Moroz, the other People’s deputies “have not informed the chairman of the VRU about their resignation from the VRU in a written form, as the article 3 of the 60th Regulations of the VRU demands”. The speaker emphasized because of that he couldn’t read out the other People’s deputies’ applications.

Besides, addressing the People’s deputies from the coalition, Moroz stated: “I will sign these documents immediately and will send them to the CEC and to the “Holos Ukrayny” (for publication – ed.)”.


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