Ukraine needs assistance of international conciliators as the President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko “blocked CCU work and that’s why resolution of current political crisis is under threat.” The statement of the joint coalition, declared by Petro Symonenko the CPU leader at the VRU session, says.

The statement says that all President’s decrees that interfere into the CCU and law enforcement bodies work, should be cancelled. “Facts of the events on May 27 prove that the President refuses political compromise and stands for forceful scenario,” the statement has.

Symonenko noted that political forces of the coalition fulfill agreements achieved by State leaders and intend to act only in accordance with the Constitution.

Symonenko considers the President’s decree of June 5 on appointment of early elections violates point 1and 7 of the mutual statement of the leaders.

According to Symonenko, despite the achieved agreements, the President’s people made him sign next illegal decree.

The coalition statement also says that the President keeps pressing on the CCU. “Democratic elections are out of the question if the President has such a right to appoint and dismiss illegally CCU and district judges, Prosecutors General. It is not a democracy but power usurpation,” the statement says.


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