The People’s deputies adopted a resolution on the obligatory presence in the VRU hall during the speaker’s declaration about People’s deputies’ resignation from this or that faction. 261 People’s deputies voted for such resolution, ForUm’s correspondent reports.

Adam Martynyuk, the vice speaker of the parliament, considers that the recently occurred sessions of BYuT and “Our Ukraine” do not have any legal basis as “in order to hold the parties’ sessions on the corresponding question, the official confirmation of that or this People’s deputy resignation must be. According to the article 60 of the Constitution of Ukraine, such official confirmation is the applications on People’s deputy resignation announcement by the speaker at the parliament’s session. Only after this, the reasons for the session may take place,” Martynyuk explained.

Having adopted that document, Marynyuk applied to the People’s deputies with a request to come to the parliament session in order to fulfill given procedure.


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