Yulia Tymoshenko bloc insists on the fact that from the date of inter-party congress decision plenary powers of all deputies of the bloc are quitted ahead of schedule. This information is given in BYUT report pblicized on Tuesday, Yulia Tymoshenko press office informed.

It is marked in the document that 103 applications of deputies for the recess from faction "are constitutional ground for the cessation of a deputy of Ukraine plenary powers ahead of schedule”.

"Such procedure makes impossible interference of Verkhovna Rada (parliamentary majority) with the procedure of deputies’ plenary powers cessation", - the statement stresses and adds that plenary powers are quitted from the day of approval of the decision by higher leading organ of the political party or electoral block of political parties.

"Legal procedure for resignation of 103 people's deputies of Ukraine from BYUT ahead of schedule is fully completed", - is marked in the document.

At the same time BYUT underlines, that 26 BYUT people's deputies who did not write resignation applications were also deprived of plenary powers.

"The ground for inter-party congress decision about the recess of these 26 people's deputies became the fact that they have actually quit to participate in the work of faction. These deputies joined the coalition of majority of the parliament, having betrayed electors and BYUT deputy faction", - the report states.

"Having set the fact of BYUT faction recess, following the provisions of Article 81, part 6 of the Constitution, the congress decided to quit plenary powers of these deputies ahead of schedule", - the document reports.

"The provisions of part 3 of Article 8 of the Constitution of Ukraine stipulate the principle of direct action of the constitutional norms. On the basis of this article inter-party congress applied the norm of the Constitution about cessation of deputy plenary powers ahead of schedule, which is stipulated by part 6 of Article 81 of the Constitution", - the report marks.


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