Prime Minister of Ukraine considers the VRU works legitimately for today.

“The VRU is legitimate. Until there is no decision or explanation of the CEC, the parliament works,” told Yanukovych in the interview with journalists in Kyiv on Wednesday.

The PM noted that President Viktor Yushchenko fulfilled the agreements between the President, the Speaker and the PM by signing the third decree.

Yanukovych also told that the government does not intend to appeal the third decree as it was with the previous two. He assured the government will implement the adopted decisions on elections financing.

Answering a question whether the government takes a vocation for the period of the election campaign, Yanukovych told “everything will be carried out according to the law”.

As a reminder, on June 5 the President of Ukraine issued the decree on early parliamentary elections to be held on September 30 and stated the VRU resignation as legislative organ.


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