The advisor of the President on legal issues Stepan Havrysh considers that the President Viktor Yushchenko will not sign any resolutions adopted by current VRU as it is not legitimate any more.
According to Havrysh, now all political forces should aim their efforts at elections. He also does not exclude that there will be some parliamentarians who will defend their authorities.
Answering the journalist questions about formation of new political elite by means of early elections, he considers it will not happen during these elections because now there is no separation between business and power. At the same time, he admits that formation of new elite is possible during next presidential elections.

Havrysh expressed assurance that the President will make all efforts for new VRU composition “not to be of conflict character”.

Moreover, according to Havrysh, next task of the President and political forces will be not only budget formation but also to introduce changes into the Constitution of Ukraine.


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