“Our Ukraine” and BYuT People’s deputies should not proclaim the resignation in the VRU hall. Roman Zvarych, the President’s adviser stated at briefing on Tuesday, ForUm’s correspondent reports.

According to Zvarych, the Constitution of Ukraine does not give a clear answer. The People’s deputies can resign on the basis of law and by the decision of the highest governing body of the party or the bloc of parties from the day of such decision acceptance, and the procedure of such declaration at the plenary session is not foreseen there,” he noted.

Besides, Zvarych told journalists that yesterday President Yushchenko received from “Our Ukraine” and BYuT People’s deputies the documents on resignations from factions with their signatures. “On the basis of that documents the State’s Head made a decision that the legal condition, according to the part 2 of the article 82 of the Constitution of Ukraine, on the VRU illegitimacy,” he told.

Thus, according to President’s adviser, Viktor Yushchenko issued a corresponding decree. “And to have doubts on that decree, to my mind, may be considered as some strange games, which should be stopped,” Zvarych emphasized.


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