The VRU chairman Olexander Moroz considers that part of the President’s decree, referring to the congresses decision of OU and BYuT, is somehow doubtful. He told today at the plenary session of the VRU, the ForUm’s correspondent informs. He noted that first of all it is doubtful because “decisions of congresses of BYuT and OU are doubtful.”

He also noted that now there is still time to clear the situation as the matter concerns judicial decision.

He expressed hope that BYuT and Our Ukraine really have 151 people’s deputies who wished to resign and in such a way to stop activity of the current VRU.

According to him, those resignation applications, submitted by BYuT and OU to the VRU, have many remarks.

He also noted that now at least 44 people’s deputies from OU are ready to return to the VRU.
At the same time, Moroz noted that regulative part of the decree is irreproachable. “It is written in accordance with the Constitution,” he said.

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