Russia is ready to invest in construction of new energy blocks in Ukraine under condition of participation in mutual projects on organization of electric power export to Europe. Sergey Kirienko the chairman of the Federal agency on atomic energy of the Russian Federation told yesterday at the briefing in Kyiv.

“We are ready not only to participate in construction, but to invest in construction of atomic stations including possibility of export of produced electric power to Europe. It is a mutual project we are also ready to deal with,” he said.

Kirienko noted Russia is ready to participate in construction of 3d and 4th energy blocks at Khmelnitsky atomic power station.

According to him, “Ukratomprom” and “Rosatom” have agreed on realization of mutual projects on designing, engineering and construction of new atomic powers in Ukraine and Russia as well as in the third countries.

“Energoatom” considers possibility to attract investments in construction of new energy blocks by means of organization of direct electric power export supplies. According to the first vice President of “Energoatom” Nikita Konstantinov, electric power export can be realized both to countries with synchronized energy system with Ukraine (Belarus, Russia, Moldova) and countries of Eastern Europe.


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