The unique tumulus has been found by archeologists on the territory of Poltava region. Near the Dmitrovka village they have found the remains of 15 inhabitants of Left-bank Ukraine. The oldest of them lived approximately in lV B.C.

According to archeologists, the last burial places in the found tumulus had been already accomplished in Kievan Rus times. The representatives of six tribes and nationalities, found here their last shelter. The searchers were amazed by the rests of two Hungarian girls, aged five and seven years approximately .

The unique jewelry was found in their burial places. According to Olexander Suprunenko, the expedition head of the Archeological Institute of Ukraine, the Hungarian tribes of the Middle Volga region were forced to move to the Transnistrian steppes (Pridneprovie).

They met with the pechenegs who started to press them and became their main competitors. And so they came to the Transnistrian steppes, wishing to receive the next motherland and a shelter for nomads.

But after a year or two, they received the permission from the Old Russian princes and got to the right bank of the Dnipro river, moving to the Panonsky plains, where they created the future Hungarian kingdom, the head of the search expedition told.


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