Interior Minister of Ukraine Vasyl Tsushko because of the health impairment was taken by helicopter to one of the hospitals of Germany on Thursday. The department on public relations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine informed.

The decision about Tsushko transportation to Germany was accepted by his family.

As a reminder, on May 26 Tsushko had been hospitalized with the myocardial infarction diagnosis.

The lawyer Tatyana Montyan had earlier stated that the minister was taken to hospital because of a poisoning. She informed that the Minister “knows, who had poisoned him and on what reason". "I shall give to publicity this version, if he doesn’t not survive" she told.

It was noted in the Ministry of Internal Affairs on Thursday that the information concerning the so-called poisoning of Tsushko is at a level of rumors.

The head of the department on public relations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Kostyantyn Stohniy, noted “physicians make all the efforts directed to Vasyl Tsushko recovery and on returning him to a normal life ".

At the same time, Stohniy noted that physicians take samples of analyses, including the biochemical one. Also he emphasized that all analyses "are being preserved" now. According to Stohniy, physicians have forbidden to visit Tsushko in order not to worsen his condition.

"German doctors have already accepted him for treatment, it is the decision of Minister’s family,” he emphasized.

Also Stohniy added that for the period of Tsushko illness the head’s duties of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are assigned to the first deputy Minister Mykola Kornienko.

44-years Tsushko has headed the Ministry of Internal Affairs since December 1, 2006. Earlier he was the People's Deputy from the Social Party.


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