Ukraine and Croatia have signed agreements on customs assistance and cooperation in the field of education and a science.

Agreements have been signed during the official visit of the President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko to Croatia.

The intergovernmental agreement regulates a question of mutual help performance to customs bodies of Ukraine and Croatia in maintenance of appropriate customs legislation compliance, especially regarding prevention, revealing, suppression and investigation of infringements customs legislation.

Signing the agreement, appropriate conditions for interaction of customs administrations of two countries will be created.

Also, the Program of cooperation in the field of education, sciences and technologies between the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine and the Ministry of science and technologies of Croatia Republic was signed. According to the document, the parties agreed on information and experience interchange, and to establish direct cooperation between educational institutions and scientifically-skilled establishments, to perform grants on the mutual base for students, aspirants and doctors on a purpose of probation period.

Besides, Croatia Republic can liberalize visa regime for Ukraine. The President of Croatia Stepan Mesic informed that at the press conference after the meeting with the President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko. According to him, the existing visa regime becomes an increasing barrier in development of cooperation between the countries and development of the Croatian economy.


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