The leaders praised relations between two countries and honored each other with state awards for their contribution to the development of friendly cooperation between Ukraine and Croatia.

The President of Croatia presented to Yushchenko Order of King Tomislav. Yushchenko in his turn presented Yaroslav the Wise Order to the president of Croatia.

Yushchenko thanked for the high award, expressing thought that he sees in that not only his merit but also a merit of represented by him country.

According to Yushchenko, there is an active political dialog between two countries. Moreover, it is the fourth meeting at the highest level for the last year. “We can see that political and business relations are at the special stage,” Yushchenko noted.

Mesic in his turn thanked for the award and noted that the Order presenting by Yushchenko is a sign of acknowledgement for all he did in the sphere of making friendly relations between the countries.


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