The opposition insists on reduced procedure of consideration of draft bill on changes to budget, in particular funds allocation for early elections, in order not to retardate resolving of political crisis. Vyacheslav Kyrylenko the OU leader told today.

In turn, SPU people’s deputy Vitaly Shybko noted: “It is no necessity to hasten with financing… Elections takes place on September 30, let’s decide budget issues 60 days before elections.”

The SPU people’s deputy Stepan Bulba considers there are no grounds for elections, so there are no reasons to make changes to budget on financing elections. “Let’s help Yushchenko to make elections transparent and legitimate. Of course we are out of help but let the joint opposition work at it. Let 151 people’s deputies resign or show their resignation applications. And only then we will speak about financing of that event, called elections, but it is a crime in order to return to power of unlucky politicians,” he said.


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