Pro-governing coalition spent about USD 73 million for arrangement of protest actions in Kyiv. Such data was given by the director of the International Democracy Institution Sergy Taran at the press conference.

According to him, specialists made calculations of direct expenses for arrangements of the protest actions for coalition support taken place on April 2-May27. Experts came to conclusion that the total amount of all expenses for protest actions comprised about USD 73 million, UNIAN informs

The total number of citizens participating in protest made 500.5 up to 671 thousand “person/days”. Taran explained that the number is not total as the same people could participate in protest for some days. According to the data of the institution, the average number of people per day comprised 9-12 thousand people who actively support coalition demands.

According to research, the main expenses for one person for one day made: trip - UAH 20-60; daily fee – UAH 80-100; daily fee for equipped person (megaphone, tune pipe, poster) - UAH100-120; night fee – UAH 150-200, food for one person – UAH 15-60 and other costs.

Moreover, according to Taran, it is necessary also to take into consideration expenses for stage rent at Maydan Nezalezhnosti and near the VRU, artists’ concerts, tent camps equipment and visual agitation.

Taran noted that research is made on the basis of mass media monitoring, information provided by political parties, Interior Ministry data and interviews with the coalition supporters. Moreover, the Institution staff also “participated” in protest actions, recruited in Kharkiv, Zaporizhzha and Vinnytsa.


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