The CPU people’s deputy Leonid Hrach considers that the Prime Minister of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych and the VRU speaker Olexander Moroz had no right to sign joint agreement on behalf of the whole coalition. He told today in an exclusive interview to the ForUm’s correspondent.

Hrach reminded that except “regions” and socialists the coalition also consists of the communists. “It is necessary to think what, where and on what basis to sign. Neither Moroz, nor Yanukovych has any right to sign for the whole coalition as there is one more third party that has vote and right. I mean the communist party,” he said.

“He described joint agreement of the President, PM and speaker by Ukrainian proverb “it is still in the air”. According to Hrach now when there is necessary to precise the legislative positions, the politicians are “at sixes and sevens, inharmoniously”.


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