The first Deputy of the Interior Minister, Mykhaylo Kornienko, claims that according to the law on the interior troops of the Internal Affairs Ministry of Ukraine, the interior troops form part of department, though in compliance with the President’s Decree, are over-subordinated to the Head of the state.

Kornienko reported journalists on Tuesday. According to him, “no one led them out of the Internal Affairs Ministry’s structure”.

Answering journalists’ question, who gave an order to bring the interior troops to Kyiv on May 26, Kornienko said that it was made by Olexander Kykhtenko, the interior troops’ commander-in-Chief, UNIAN reports.

At the same time, the Minister’s Deputy noted that the interior troops’ commander-in-Chief gave no explanation on what purpose it was done.

Besides, Kornienko said that Kykhtenko was summoned to the Ministry, but neither he nor his deputies, except one, appeared.


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