President Victor Yushchenko on Friday met with the heads of law enforcement bodies and Ukraine’s governors to discuss recent political developments, especially how to resolve the country’s deepening political crisis, president's press office reported.

In a speech, Yushchenko said: “Of course, the situation is not easy. I would really like to inform you about all its collisions so that you should clearly understand your place and role in it. […] You must know that the nation’s security and political stability are under threat. The situation is not ordinary.”

The President said his decision to appoint them as members of the National Security and Defense Council was dictated by the need to "boost their political responsibility for what happens in the state."

Yushchenko said the past month’s talks to resolve the crisis showed that it was quite easy to find compromises andhold early parliamentary elections. He said participants of these negotiations had reached all agreements but complained they had no goodwill to “launch their package.” Yushchenko accused the governing coalition of using the talks to delay compromise and sabotaging the fulfillment of his agreement with the premier to set a new poll date. He described the talks as dead-end, calling for broad negotiations.

“I am not speaking about two people because it is too risky and I am not speaking about a group involving only political leaders because of the huge risk of destabilization,” he said. “We will definitely continue our talks but I am not very optimistic about the idea and have little hope it will bring results given the approaches demonstrated by the opposite side,” he said.

Yushchenko also spoke about yesterday’s events in the Prosecutor General’s Office and his motivation to fire Prosecutor General Svyatoslav Piskun. He said Piskun had been sacked for refusing to give up his seat in parliament, wanting to be simultaneously an MP and the country’s top prosecutor. Commenting on the involvement of politicians in yesterday’s raid, Yushchenko said: “If our politicians manage our legislation in such a way, this will pose a threat to the country’s security.”

The President slammed Interior Minister Vasyl Tsushko for his order to send riot police officers to surround the prosecutor general’s building, describing his actions as illegal: “We will learn the deepest lesson from that situation, I am not kidding. If this minister can put his law enforcement office on political rails with such ease, this minister must not lead the ministry and must be prosecuted for his actions.”

Yushchenko again urged the heads of law enforcement bodies to be politically neutral.

“If the country’s legal institutions were more impartial, the crisis would not be so deep,” he said, asking the newly appointed Security Council members to stay inKyiv forthe next few days.


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