President Victor Yushchenko has enough tools and powers to resolve political conflicts in a constitutional manner, the Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, Oleksandr Turchynov, said on Friday, president's press office reported.

“The President has all the necessary powers and abilities to... stop all those who are creating a very dangerous civil conflict in the country today. He is strong and resolute enough to preservesecurity in the state,” he said after Yushchenko’s meeting with the heads of law enforcement bodies.

Turchynov said participants of the meeting, among them Viktor Shemchuk, the country’s new top prosecutor, urged officers of the Interior Ministry to leave the prosecutor general’s office building. Shemchuk said: “I think there has never been a bigger shame for the prosecutor general’s office than when police officers smashed down its doors.”

Shemchuk added that one of the functions of his office was to ensure that presidential decrees are implemented and expressed confidence most of the country’s prosecutors were "honest and decent people and will adhere to laws and never succumb to provocations." He also said a criminal case was initiated against Interior Minister Vasyl Tsushko and added that yesterday’s events were investigated by the Security Service of Ukraine.


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