Given yesterday’s events in the Prosecutor General’s Office, President Victor Yushchenko on Friday issued a decree to place the country’s interior troops under his authority, according to president's press office.

The order was signed to prevent possible threats to the nation’s interests and ensure that the interior troops, which had been until recently a part of the Interior Ministry, are not used to benefit political forces.Yushchenko put his security aide,Ivan Plyushch, in charge of overseeing the implementation of the decree, which will come into force as soon as it is officially published.

Interior troops commander Oleksandr Kikhtenko will now have to ensure his officers:
- guard and patrol Ukraine's state institutions, particularly the Prosecutor General’s Office and the Constitutional Court of Ukraine;
- help the State Security Department guard governmental institutions and top officials, if necessary;
- preserve law and order in Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv.

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