The Secretariat Chief of Staff, Viktor Baloha, believes yesterday’s ruling by the Constitutional Court of Ukraine on the inconsistency of item 5 of article 20 of the Law on the Judicial System with Ukraine’s constitution is legally doubtful, president's press office informed.

“The Constitutional Court is illegitimate today. After all these dismissals and corruption scandals, which have undermined the honesty, impartiality and objectiveness of the court, it is impossible to speak about the validity of any of its rulings,” he said.

Baloha said the Law on the Judicial System had been enacted five years ago but its “constitutional vulnerability was discovered only today, when certain corrupt judges became waiters in the dirty political kitchen. It is clear that this ruling by the Constitutional Court deprives the President of his control over district courts, which opens the gate for new political and legal schemes.”

Baloha said President Yushchenko “can appoint heads of district courts because it is his constitutional obligation to protect the rights and freedoms of the citizens of Ukraine.”

“The doubtful ruling by the Constitutional Court also gives a license to business raiders… Our society should assess the essence and possible consequences of this ruling to know where the root of many disgraceful events in the judicial system is.”


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