The President Viktor Yushchenko declares that the working group should complete its work on preparation of early parliamentary elections and all further negotiations are only retardation of time. The possibilities of the working group are exhausted. “In my opinion the work of the group is used as retardation,” he told today at the meeting with foreign investors and diplomats, adding that at the same time illegal actions are held “behind back”.

Yushchenko repeated that decision on elections date should be made this week. “As a matter of fact negotiations are completed, the parties have nothing to say each other,” he noted.

The President said that some political forces address him to stop negotiations and start to act. At the same time Yushchenko would like negotiations to have positive result.

He also noted that essential part of the economic stability is political stability that can exist only if to follow key norms of democracy.

The President noted again the unconstitutional principles of parliamentary majority formation. “I am convinced that the parliament, in particular parliamentary majority, was on the track of political blackmail and prosperity of political corruption,” he said

The only way out of this situation, according to the President, is early parliamentary elections. “I want to declare that my steps are based on the legal ground,” he noted, adding that he will not use any forceful methods.

Speaking about tasks of the Ukrainian politics, the President noted it is necessary to provide independent and effective work of the CCU, effective CEC work and also agreement between political forces concerning draft bill package that should be adopted at the parliament for proper financing of early elections and strengthening of democratic status of elections.


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