The Central Election Committee is able to hold pre-time parliamentary elections on June 24 on condition that all subjects of the election process will perform their duties. Jaroslav Davydovych, chairman of the CEC, informed yesterday evening on TV channel "1+1".

«Elections can be hold. I would like to remind that the third round of voting (on presidential elections in 2004) we organized for 21 day. Moreover, all subjects involved in the election process executed all their duties,” Davydovych told.

Chairman of the CEC emphasized that on condition of normal work of all state institutions, elections can be hold on June 24. "But I’m responsible only for CEC actions,” he added.

Davydovych reported that pre-time election according to article 102 of the Constitution is possible on condition of agreement of all subjects of election process.

Besides, Davydovych considers CEC members and the judges of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine to stop the membership in parties for the period of elections.


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