Dear Sirs,
I am an Italian citizen and I would like to express my appreciation toward the good work of the President of Ukraine, Viktor Yushenko, for speeding up the process of integration in EU.
In my opinion, I can say that the Italian people would really welcome the integration of Ukraine in EU.
This has been confirmed several times by the former Chancellor Mr. Berlusconi but it would have been wanted by Romano Prodi too, the present Chancellor. Nevertheless, when Romano Prodi was President of EU Commission, he couldn't express his willingness to the integration of Ukraine in EU because, even though never said explicitly, one of the requirements that Ukraine would have fulfill, before entering EU, is the admission to N.A.T.O.
I have seen that Yushenko is going to plan the entering of Ukraine in N.A.T.O. within 2008.
I welcome him to be successful in his aim and, after that, I think that the path toward European Union will be much easier.
EU might guarantee the freedom of movement to Ukrainian people and no more visa policies.
It would be a good thing for the "old" EU countries too because they would have less difficulties in
investing in Ukraine too.
By thanking you for your attention, I would wish to express my best regards.

Pierluigi C.


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