The parliamentary majority leader Raisa Bogatyryova noted that negotiations on forming of enhanced coalition between PR and OU depends on President’s position.

“We did not start negotiations with OU on forming enhanced coalition. There is no doubt that key role will depend on President’s position as it is his party,” Bogatyryova told in an interview today.

Bogatyryova also noted that the people, experts and politicians have been speaking about necessity of enhanced coalition between PR and OU for a long time. According to Bogatyryova, it may make Ukraine finally united.

“This union could create ideology of one power in Ukraine. The PR is really at one with OU on economic development. However there are many questions that can’t make us united. The matter concerns strategic principles of development of Ukraine,” she said.

Bogatyryova also noted that agreement between OU and BYuT proves again about lack of political maturity and professionalism of ideologists of these political parties.

“It will depend on the President, whether OU makes efforts to seek for common strategy and tactics of national development or it is doomed to be a party of the opposition: not to unite but split,” she said.


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